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Perimeter Ride

Roger Grace is set to begin the journey of a lifetime in an effort to increase awareness about bicycle safety and raise funds for the American Diabetes Roger GraceAssociation.  What originally started as a personal need to reduce stress and reverse unhealthy habits, became a passion for biking and now a planned 6-month, 2-country, 11,000-mile ride around the perimeter of the United States.

Grace envisions the RideCARE Perimeter Challenge as a way to  show people that something extraordinary can be accomplished by an ordinary guy. Extraordinary on a bicycle is a randonneuring ride – hundreds, or thousands, of miles with few rest stops and a relatively short amount of time to complete the ride.

Grace planned approximately 140 daily rides that balanced distance and climb and completed the 11,000 mile perimeter of the United States. Each day’s ride is divided into segments; each segment ends at a rest stop where he can replenish food, water and supplies. In between rest stops, Grace identified every turn and every hill that will tap his energy reserves.  The average daily ride is about 80 miles and 3,000 feet of climb. It will take 6-7 hours to get to the next overnight stay.

A detailed view of the route and current location is available here.

The table below highlights the facts associated with the Perimeter Challenge Ride.

Perimeter Challenge Route Map

Countries 2
States 33
Miles 10,940
Climb (ft) 415,950
Riding Days 138
Rest Stops 725
Rest Days 61